Saturday, October 28, 2006

Pink, a Poem and November

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I know I've not been here; I really wanted to be
It wasn't my choice, I tell you; it's been a tough week
On Tuesday, Weds. & Thursday, we worked so hard, it's true
I would rather, my friends, to have been here with you.
Old grumpy back was hurting, slowing down my chores,
Then I pulled a groin muscle, hurting so much more
I feel bad, I haven't written - my family must come first
They needed me to help them, even though work hurts.
Slept half the day yesterday, I couldn't walk a bit
I gave in to pain control - I was mostly out of it :(
Today the girls were out giving invitations to the Harvest Festival
Where kids & families to church on halloween, it's the best of all.
And now as late eve comes upon me and the girls are going to bed.
I've come back to my friends in J-Land, a poem inside my head.

I'm glad that halloween will be passing soon.  Our family doesn't celebrate it.  I'm not criticizing those that do, but guys, Thanksgiving is coming!

November is such a special month for me.  It's the time when we start to think about what we are grateful for.  We make lists.  We think back over the year and list the thankful times.  By the time we got to Thanksgiving day, we would have looong lists to share,  I still do it as does Rob and the girls.  Last year, I asked my friends in J-Land to do it with me.  I asked you to think of something you were grateful for each day.  I can't believe how many of you joined in.  I'm going to do it again this year, but not daily.  I'm hoping that starting NOVEMBER 1st,  you will join me on Sundays and Wednesdays to post a thankful entry and put your link in my comments section.

Then the day before Thanksgiving, I'll send a list back to you to share with your family or friends.

Many blessings to you, my friends,



Sunday, October 22, 2006

Early Sunday Morning


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This is the first time in forever I will get to say Good Morning to everyone.  Seems like so many of you live on the east coast or in England or some other place far away.  We Californians seem to get up later than you do.   So . . .


Of course, while you are reading this I will be sleeping.  It is the second hour of the day here and I am finally getting a little sleepy.  My body aches and I have been reading the journals of VIVI nominees a good part of the day.  It's a wonderful stack of journals to read.  Even if you aren't participating in the VIVI's or are upset that you didn't get nominated go take a look at the various directions J-Land is taking.  And what the bloggers are doing.  Just go here and scroll down some 8 or 10 pages.  I'll bet you can find new reads ad new friends there.

We got up at o'dark-thirty on Saturday.  I fought for more sleep, but finally my man would have no more. He took my computer and my cup of coffee out to the living room and of course I had to follow. He already had the college games on and was working in the living room. He sat down with me and we discussed what jobs we needed to do.  He always takes the brunt of the work because my body won't let me do much.  I decided I could put fresh newspaper in some of the birds cages, feed Remy (he hates Rob for some reason) by giving him fresh nectar and water.  I also gave him a pear to eat.

I supervised the girls after our morning prayer.  They had 3 jobs to do:  Clean the kitchen - yes, counters and floors too - clean the cages of the birds that died, and clean the bathroom.  Usually it's left to Andrea and Kayla and Lupe folds clothes and takes out the trash.  Today Lupe jumped in, made everyone's bed, cleaned the clutter in their room away and cleaned the bathroom.  She did very well.  I was hesitant because the last time she cleaned the bathroom she poured toilet cleaner in the tub!!  They all worked tremendously.  Andrea and Kayla had a water fight while cleaning the cages (and yes, it's still warm enough here to do that) and came in dripping and giggling.

We came to the end of the month a little early, so we had no reward to give them such as a trip to the .99 cent store. But God rewarded them in His own way.  Uncle Eddie called asking to take Kayla to LA and maybe to stay the night with him.  Andrea went over to visit Uncle Hank and Aunt Debbie and ended up going out with them to run errands, get a run through the .99 cent store and Chinese food.  She bought stuff for herself, her daddy, her mommy and Lupe.  Lupe got an evening by herself to choose whatever channel she wanted and dinner by pops. 

It may not have been an exciting day, but it was just what the doctor ordered here: teamwork, love and caring.  Of course the house is silent now except for Rob's snoring, the ringing in my ears and the quiet tapping on my laptop keys.  I love the silent times.  I need them every once in a while. Don't you?

So now as I try to drift to sleep
I pray you have angels to keep
A hedge of protection around your homes
Your loved ones, pets and little ones.
O Lord give power and strength to my friends
As their day is beginning and my day ends
                       Love you all, Penny

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Mama's Legacy

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I can't believe how much I look and act like my mother. A few years ago, I would have run screaming from the room if you told me that.  Sometimes I still would like to do that.  Reality is, if you look at the picture on my side bar, you will see the reflection of my mother.  The only exception is the hair color.  Mine is still naturally brown with hints of gray, Mom's hair turned gray in her early 40's. 

I swore that I absolutely would not be like my mom.  Absolutely. I would not look like her, walk like her be as heavy as she was or sound like her.  You should never swear anything; it comes back to haunt you.

As Mom got older, you could see the kyphosis (widow's hump) in her upper back.  It seemed to happen in front of our very eyes. Then she started to wiggle.  I don't mean her butt or boobs, they were just about the only thing that didn't  move much. Her hands and feet would twitch and had this humming sound going on.  She wasn't really aware of the humming until someone would make her aware of it.  The two minutes later, she'd be doing it again.  And she had this annoying little chuckle.  The doctor took tests for Huntington's Chorea.  Thank goodness it wasn't that.  It was something called Familial Tremors.  I think maybe my grandfather may have had it as well.

Okay, so here's the deal.  I am my mother nearly all the way around ::sad face here::.  I have found myself with that irritating little chuckle down in my throat as hers was.  I am powerless to stop it.  My feet won't stay still. I don't know if I hum and I'm afraid to ask.

The scary thing is that my grown kids (on the odd times we get to see each other) have mentioned that I look like my mom and act like her too.  That's really frightening.

Then I remember the sacrifices Mom made for us.  She raised 4 girls alone.  She didn't work until I was 7 years old.  She took care of us.  The year I was 15, I realized that Mom had nearly shredded underwear because all the extra money went to me.  I cried when I found that out.  I bought her panties and bras for Christmas.  I don't know if they were even the right size.  I just know my mama cried.

She helped me through my unwed pregnancy at a time when girls just didn't do that stuff.  She gave her all to us.  And to some of her grandchildren.  She got huge tears in her eyes when we came to her and my boyfriend asked her to let me marry him.  I was 17 1/2 then.  She was there for me when the divorce was final and through the next two divorces.  She was an amazing woman.

I want to be like my mom!  I guess that when she died the day before my 4th husband, she went there first to greet him and show him around.  And she left a legacy.  I will take what happens, humming voice, twitchy limbs and that irritating little chuckle if it means I can be 1/10 of who she was.

So look at the picture again.  I have begun to grow into my mom.  I'm so proud. 

May the Lord bless you all on this fine Saturday,


Friday, October 20, 2006

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Well, just a little bit . . .

Andrea  and Kayla before the love ended . . .


 . . . and Lupe, the third of our angels

So, actually I am happy to know the girls get time off from the daily grind.  This school year has been much harder than last.  Both girls are in a life sciences class that is very demanding.  All 7th graders are required to take it.  I don't remember doing that.  I think I got some science in 8th or 9th grade.  Also, there not the grading standards as they are now.  Our schools were usually first in the state.  Now I think California as a whole is way down on the list.  Anyway, the girls are doing their best according to their learning abilities.  Kayla fought herself back from failing to passing in her first semester of living here.  We are very proud of her.  Andrea started full-time school just after Lupe and Kayla joined our family.  Lupe is a treasure.  She loves to ride "her" bus and interact with "her" teacher. She attends the same school as the others, so it's easy for us.  Next year she will be in high school.  

We have grown into ourselves as a family.  We pray with each other twice a day, worship together and love each other as Christloves the church.  This is not to say that there aren't daily squabbles or resentments.  They are 12, 12 and 13.  Sheesh, if the didn't have problems I would think something was fishy.  They are a delight to us most of the time.  I say most of the time because Rob and I have our off days too.

I have a splitting headache today and back pain.  I took pain medicine and am hoping it will work.  I pray that you have all had a good day.

In the love of Christ,



and P.S. - I'm sorry I hit the save button too soon


Thursday, October 19, 2006

More Bits and Pieces

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 These ar four of our beautiful birds. From the left: Roger, Sunshine, Beak and Blue Sky.  All were buried together. We found them at the bottom of their cages the morning after Pedro died.  We did not expect this.  I called all over the place to see if anyone could do a birdie autopsy (necropsy?).  Only one vet does it up in Santa Barbara and his prices would have left us without food the next two months.  So, Rob buried them and we took pictures of the headstone. (not uplaoded) All the cages, for the living and the dead have been sanitized.  Hopefully, we won't have any more dead birds.  Four of the five birds all came from the same place and the fifth bird was living with Sunshine almost since she came to us.  I wanted to sell or give away some of the birds, but this is not the way I wanted to do it.

I have been down with my back and new medication for several days.  Most of the time I just play pogo.  And the games that don't require much or any real skill.  I've been reading your journals and commenting a little bit.  I'm sorry if I didn't comment in your journals.  You all mean a lot to me.

And for those of you who were nominated for the VIVI  :    drum roll please >>>>>>>>> 


. I got a nomination!  I didn't see my name at first.  I was so happy for those who were nominated that I totally missed it.  My friend had to tell me about it.  Whether I get a VIVI or not, I am so honored to be counted with the nominees.  I will have a great time voting, and a spectacular time at the VIVI Awards Ball.  So go now to the  VIVI AWARDS JOURNAL to see all of the nominees and visit their journals.  That in itself should be wonderful to do.  Have fun!



Monday, October 16, 2006

Sir Pedro

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This is Pedro - a half-naked Blue & God Macaw.  We took him as a rescue bird in July.  The lady who gave him to us said he had been plucking his feathers for about 2 years.  She was a heavy smoker and drinker and had kept him and some other birds in a room with no natural light.  She wanted him to go someplace he could live out his life in relative peace. She said he was nearing 40 years old.

He's been a squawky old grouch, though we've found a few of his pleasures.  He loves to watch TV, fresh nuts are a special treat, as is a full bowl a few times a day.  Though he wouldn't admit it, he likes the presence of family and other happy birds around him.

After a fairly unhappy day for me today, Pedro began to make a funny noise and Rob called to me.  Pedro was sort of coughing or maybe crying out.  I reached in the cage and touched his back.  He has never let me do that.  His body was coolish to the touch.  I turned to Rob to tell him Pedro was dying.  He let me take him out of the cage, but had a spasm of some sort and bit my arm.  I can only imagine how awful it would have been if he had been fully healthy.  I wrapped him in a small quilted throw and held him in my arms. All of the other birds were quiet. He was having trouble breathing and I just rubbed his his back while Rob touched him and prayed for him.  We knew he was going, but prayed for a peaceful passing to the other side. About 2 minutes after the prayer, Pedro passed gently into the night. I thought of how there must be no more pain for him there. All of his beautiful plumage has been restored to him and he soars freely with outstretched wings as those of an eagle.

Andrea and I cried for the loss of a good friend. Kayla left the room for a minute and came back.  We placed his body in a long, thin box and the girls wrote their farewell on the box. In a way, I am glad that Pedro has gone home.  He was reasonably happy here, but never happy to be in captivity. He is free again. Free to fly, free to squawk joyously, free to find a wife.

Bless you, my feathered friend.  You have given us the joy of sharing your last days with you.  We will miss you.

Tonight I thank you Lord, for giving us the joy of having pets to love. Sometimes our love for our pets teaches how to love others.




Sunday, October 15, 2006


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I got this Blogthing from Lori at Dusty Pages.  She did quite a few and I followed suit.  This is the only only one I'm putting in.  Apparently I drive more like a man than a woman.  Interesting.  I should be driving a BMW - classy and fast.  There was one other.  However, since I didn't write it down . . . poof! it's gone. so I took this quiz, reveled in the cool stuff, and read the bottom paragraph.  I said "That's not me!"  Unfortunately truth won out.  I hate having negative stuff about me.  I guess everyone does.  Anyway . . . Without further ado  .  .  .


You Have a Melancholic Temperament

Introspective and reflective, you think about everything and anything.
You are a soft-hearted daydreamer. You long for your ideal life.
You love silence and solitude. Everyday life is usually too chaotic for you.

Given enough time alone, it's easy for you to find inner peace.
You tend to be spiritual, having found your own meaning of life.
Wise and patient, you can help people through difficult times.

At your worst, you brood and sulk. Your negative thoughts can trap you.
You are reserved and withdrawn. This makes it hard to connect to others.
You tend to over think small things, making decisions


                           What Temperment Are You?                                                

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Wordplay with Val

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In this morning's alerts, I saw that Val had "Wordplay" up this morning.  I love this meme!  We were to go to the How Many of Me and see how many with our name there are in the U.S. Click on her link to play the game.
The name below is my maiden name.  As you can see, I am pretty unique.  When My mom was trying to decide what she would name me, my sister popped up with the name Penny from a book she was reading and loved.  So Penny it is.  Not Penelope, just Penny.
Logo There is:
person with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Below here is Rob's name.  He's pretty unique as well.  His given name is not Robert, but Norberto.  There are a gazillion people with his last name.  He is the 2nd of his mother's nine surviving children.  Big family, huh?
Logo There are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?
Andrea is unique as well.  We picked a name for her pending her adoption.  She is named after my late husband's middle name. Mexico wouldn't let me use my last name.  They insisted that I use my maiden name.  Pink is her favorite color.
Logo There are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?
Kayla is the one in our family with the largest number of people with her name.  I don't know the story behind her name, but I do know that the name suits her well.  She is kind of hyper, talks a mile a minute and wants to be on the phone all the time.  Her favorite color is blue.
Logo There are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?
Lastly, there is our Miss Lupe, who is also pretty unique.  She was named after the Virgin of Guadalupe.  She has Down's Syndrome and her age level is about 5 1/2 years.  That estimation can be deceiving.  She's very cunning.  Her favorite color is pink.
Logo There are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

So here we are the "unique" family.  You don't have to do this in your journal as I have.  Check it out.  Wordplay is the name.
So what are you still doing here?  Go on now . . .
God Bless you all,    Penny

Friday, October 13, 2006

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This Friday it's raining and a wet weekend has been predicted. I love the rain when I'm not getting wet.  When the sun pops out for a few minutes, I can hear the little birdies outside chirping their joy.  When rain comes again, they flit off to the trees again.  We always have seed in the front yard (no, we are not adopting them as pets) and they also love the dog food and bathe in his water.

I am so tired this morning - I just want to go back to bed.  I've fed and watered some of the birds inside.  I can only do a couple at a time before the standing becomes difficult for me.

So how can I walk, you ask.  It seems to involve different muscles and the truth is, my tiredness disappears.  Yesterday we walked too far and I didn't stretch.  By 2/3 of the walk, my hip and back were in PAIN!  I'm stretching today for sure Because of the rain, we are going back to the mall.  I am promising myself that I won't overdo.

On another note, Andrea and Kayla are now qualified to test for their purple belts.  Andrea is very excited to do this.  Kayla feels she's not ready.  I have seen the work in the Tae Kwon Do studio and I guarantee they are both fully ready.  Practice at home will just polish their readiness.  Go girls!

Rob is itching to go and I have a phone appointment in 3 hours.  So off to stretch and go.  If you want to see what I have to say about Friday the 13, go to my Poetry Journal.

Be blessed as you treasure this day.


      Thank you Kathy for sagging this siggy tag for me.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My Brain Pattern

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Isn't this cool?  Check it out.  My brain matches my user name!

Your Brain's Pattern
Your mind is a firestorm - full of intensity and drama.
Your thoughts may seem scattered to you most of the time...
But they often seem strong and passionate to those around you.
You are a natural influencer. The thoughts you share are very powerful and persuading.
So. . . do  you think this is anything like me?
My the Lord keep you safe tonite as you rest.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Merrie Sunshine

Provide free mammograms!  I promised myself I would put this in every time I posted to this journal.  This posting will be a testament to my Aunt Merrie, who died of breast cancer.

Going out to visit Aunt Merrie was the highlight of my young life. A trip from Pasadena to Tarzana without the present freeways. My mom always knew the way, although it seemed we would "get lost" on our way home.  Sometimes past Liberace's home with a piano-shaped pool.  However, I digress.

My Aunt Merrie had two sons, both a little older than myself.  Her home was like a long ranch house with a breezeway inbetween the house and the garage.  It had a circular driveway. Oh! I loved that driveway. Even today I sometimes think about her magical house. 

Entering the front door, the first thin I saw was a Christmas tree hanging upside-down from the ceiling.  She had put it there one year when she and her oh-so-busy friends decided to have Christmas in July.  It seems common then, but back in the 50's it was an odd idea.  She never took the tree down.  It hung there at least until she and my Uncle Birch were divorced when I was a teen.

At the back of the home was her shop.  She sold novelty items there.  Not just any items, the best ones.  I would wander through the shop fascinated, until Aunt Merry called us to lunch.  Over lunch she would regale us with her tales of visitors to the shop.  Some, like the Andrews Sisters, came regularly and she would get all the gossip she could stand. It was wonderful to hear her talk of all the good times.  Eventually, she moved the shop into town somewhere.  Still the same great stuff.  One day while there, I looked up to see a very tall man.  I loved him!  It was Dennis Weaver who played "Chester" on Gunsmoke.  He signed his autograph for me andleaned down to give me a kiss on the cheek.  I vowed never to wash my cheek again.

When I was 20 years old, Aunt Merrie was diagnosed with breast cancer.  When she was told how serious it was, she exclaimed "NO!"  She had a double radical mastectomy and I guess some radiation.  She fought that cancer with all her physical might.  She gave up her shop, but not her activites.  She married a TV producer.  She called him "Mr. Wonderful"  They lovced each other with an intensity I had never seen before.

Aunt Merrie was named Mary at birth, but she was the happiest, sunniest baby my grandparents had ever seen.  They legally chaged her name to Merrie Sunshine.  I always thought that was so cool.  She never lost that personality.  Everybody loved her and treasured their time with her as did I.

When I was 25, Aunt Merrie had to go back into the hospital. Her cancer had come back, this time with a deadly diagnosis. She was most loved in the hospital.  She had her husband bring her shoots from this plant or that and she would get them going and present them to hospital personel.  She was also knitting and gifted them with her handiwork.  It was amazing how her attitude stayed so good when the suffering was so intense. 

Then one day she left to be with the Lord.  It was in November of that year.  I wasn't a little girl anymore, but I cried for missing her.  My mother, grandmother and sisters and I were there for both the formal sevices and the at-home services.  I will never forget the litany of people who came and spoke at the formal service.  It seemed it would never stop. 

Aunt Merrie's memory still lingers in my heart and sometimes I get misty as I am now when I think of her.

I love you my Aunt Merrie Sunshine! 


Sunday, October 8, 2006

Sunday Morning


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It's almost time for the girls to go to their Sunay class.  We join them for church about an hour later.  Two of the girls decided they had nothing to wear and would like to forego church. I can't tell you how many times I have felt that way myself.  However barring major illness, we dress ourselves and go. Then two of the three came out dressed nicely.  The third came out looking like little orphan annie.  After prayer, I asked her if she felt that outfit, wrinkled as it was, was something she felt would honor the Lord.  I asked her to find something more appropriate.  We ask the girls to wear skirts to church.  I know many people go in jeans, shorts, etc., but I was taught a different way and we need to teach them discipline and respect.

But that's not really what I was going to write about. As most of you know I am a Bible believing, Bible thumping servant of Christ.  No, I don't go from door to door shoving my Bible or my beliefs down people's throats.  I find that to be negative.  I am not afraid to share my beliefs with anyone who opens the door.  Often when the conversation turns to my time in Mexico, thee door opens as I tell them I was a missionary there.  It's amazing how many people want God in their life, but figure their sins are unique and God certainly could not forgive them. As I tell them what my life was like for a few years, they are stunned.  I just want them to see Jesus glowing through me.  I invite them to church or suggest a church near their home.  I'm not tooting my own horn.  There are many ways to show the Lord in our lives.This is the job of Christians everywhere.  We need to spread the Good news.  I find myself privileged to be able to do that. 

I pray today that you feel the presence of the Lord in your lives.  He brings solace in the middle of our sorrow, joy in every area of our lives.


Saturday, October 7, 2006

No Drum Roll This Time - Heere's Sweetie!

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It was kind of heart breaking to see that little Sweetie had been born with funny-looking wings.  You know how the other chicks are when some one is different.  Sweetie was much smaller than than the other two.  We were unsure if he would survive.  When we took the chicks out of the parent's cage, two went to one cage and little Sweetie came to a cage in our room.  I fed him with a feeding syringe.  And boy! was he persistant to ask for food, refusing the spoon or seed.  Today was the first real lesson with a spoon again.  I waited until I could hear his pitiful cries from the living room where I had placed him with his siblings.  I had fed him 15 cc's but he was "dying" or so he wanted me to think.  He grabbed at the spoon!  See below:


If you could have heard the sounds he was making while he ate, you would have fallen over laughing!  The girls and I heard those sounds(I put some tiny nestling seed in) I can't reproduce it here and laughed so loud! 


I let him eat as much as as he wanted.  He was stuffed and sleepy when he finished. 

The pictures below show you how his little wings were formed.

Do you see how he looks like he's wearing a cape?  His shoulders are up there by his neck.  Normally, wings form up there and open out into full beautiful wings. Sweetie's wings at first looked like they were broken somehow.  Then we realized the wings weren't in the right place.  His feathers were forming nicely, but every time he would try to flap his wings, they would get all tangled up in each other.

Even now, after the vet has done some trimming so he won't step on his wings, Sweetie wants to fly.  He jumps flapping headlong from my shoulders to the hard floor and flaps again, jumping to try to reach me again.  I love this precious chicklet as I have not loved a bird since my Dufus died.  I truly enjoy the other 18 **shudder** although they don't feel as special to me as my flightless Cockatiel.

May the Lord send His ministering angels to keep and protect you as you sleep