Monday, March 24, 2008

Update . . .

Hi all . . . . just a quick update to let you know I am alive.  I still don't have my phone and DSL set up, so I am at my daughter's house checking mail and stuff.

I won't be long . . . it's colder today and near dark.  I'm not that sure of the roads yet.  I am moving to a bigger room this week.  The other one was like a dungeon and waay to close to my housemates. 

The dogs are settling in as are the birds.  I still feel like a fish out of water, but hopefully that will change soon.  I wonder if I am as adaptable as I was when I went to Mexico.  I'm quite a few years older now.

Fortunately, I am close to my family here.  Keep me in your prayers as I continue to pray for all of you,


Friday, March 21, 2008

The Big Move


To our new home!  For the time being, I am sharing a home here, but as spring and summer arrive, we are looking for a private home. I guess I don’t need to be alone for a while.


I have moved to the mountains above Redding, CA. Its a huge change from Ventura, to say the least. I woke up to 30 degree cold this morning. My light-weight pajamas just arent enough! I have the birds and my little doggies with me, but Rob is still in Ventura.  I miss him terribly already.  I have a TV and a warm blanket, but it’s just not the same. Last night was my first night in my own room here. Alone, boo hoo L

  That being said, it’s absolutely beautiful up here. All around there are trees and green grass beginning to sprout. A few of the trees are beginning to flower. I think I will come to love it here. I am glad I didn’t make the move while there was still snow on the ground. A few days ago, it rained and hailed. The hail was the size of a gumball. I was impressed.

Andrea had her birthday last week and I was here to share it with her. I have only missed one of her birthdays since she was born. Actually, it was a birthday week. Heather’s father had his birthday on the 9th, my granddaughter turned 23 on the 10th and Andrea turned 14 on the 11th. Time surely flies! I remember when Ashley was born, very premature. The told us if she lived, it would be months before we could take her home and then she could be blind and experience mental and physical delays. Hah! When I first saw Andrea, she was 7 ½ months old and weighed just 4.4 lbs. The doctor said she would probably die that night and I was crazy to want to care for her. Hah! Only the Lord knows these things and He had other ideas for these beautiful girls.

I will have my own DSL in the next week or so. It depends on when the phone company can schedule it. I just can’t wait. Im very impatient. I miss using the internet. I’ve only been without for a day and already I am champing at the bit to get it going again, LOL. It won’t be the same as my broadband hook-up, but I will be on and that’s what matters.

Thats it for me today. I miss you all terribly. May the Lord bless and keep you all,