Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Just Stuff and New Specs

These are my new glasses and my new look.  I've worn round glasses for years.  Probably since I was a teen.  In my 20's, I wore them because I idolized Janis Joplin . . . and because some said I looked very much like her.  I just never changed.

                     Do you think 59 is too old to change?  I hope not.  I'm liking the new glasses and my weight loss.

Today the weather here in sunny SoCal was quite warm.  It was a nice change from the chill we'd had the past few days.  You kind of have to understand California natives ~ especially those of us from the south.  To us, as the temperature starts to drop below 60, we start complaining.  When the temps drop into the 30's, we not only complain, but double up on blankets and clothing.   Here's the deal:  We will be moving up north sometime soon.  Up there, they have snow!  You know . . . that white stuff that covers the ground and keeps pets and people inside by the fire.  It's going to be a total shock for my body.  I'm not sure how long it will take me to adjust to the change.  Also, I understand that in the summer there, the temps are extremely high - like over 110 sometimes.  Oh!  Mercy me.

I really miss writing here in my journal.  It's always been so important to me.  The last few months, so much has been happening here that I find it hard to get things done.  My time on the 'puter is seriously limited.  The most serious issue in our lives is coming down to the wire . . . so though we won't have the same kind of "normal" as we did before, we will settle into the new normal.  Whew!

I appreciate the prayers you have been saying for us.  Keep it up.  It may be slow but your prayers are definitely working.  I pray for you guys all the time.  Both in our early prayers and throughout the day as your names pop into my head.  You all mean so much to me.  If you have a request, just e-mail me and I will start praying right away.

May the Lord richly bless each and every one of you,


                                    Thank you Donna!



Saturday, February 9, 2008

J-LAND Photo Shoot #128 ~ My Pet

I'm so glad to be participating in Krissy's shoot again.  I have been having camera dilemmas.  Praise God it's fixed now.  Taking and sharing pictures is great fun for me.

This week's challenge is "My Pet"   . . . right down my alley, LOL.

We have just birds and dogs here right now.  Our cat went to live with Andrea and her sister north of here in the mountains.  Also, all of our fancy birds have gone, but we are raising cockatiels.  Currently we have two babies.  The parents, Summer and Skipper have been a pair for over 9 years now.  They seem to be slowing down a little - last clutch was just one chick - Atticus.  This clutch was 3, but one of the smaller chicks died.  That's when I removed the other tiny chick so she would not suffer the same fate.  Below is a picture of both together . . .

  As you can see, there is a great disparity in sizes.  We haven't named the big one yet (have any ideas?) but the little one I call Tumble.  When she eats, she stretches way up and sometimes tumbles over ~ she's very funny.

  This time last year, we added a couple of Pomeranian pups;  Coco and Precious.  Most of you have seen Sammy, our Greyhound and Kessa, our death row doggie.  Below is a pic of our Pommies:

 That's Sammy's tail dividing them.  Precious (black) is "my" dog.  I love her and spoil her like crazy.  Coco is Andrea's dog.  He will probably live with her very soon. 

Blessings and love to you all,