Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sunday Drivers

Sunday was a wonderful day for us.  Rob and I slept in, played hooky from church and went out to breakfast.  After breakfast, we stopped to get some fishing gear, returned Remy's carrier to the pet shop and went by to visit my friend Elaine.

While visiting Elaine, we began to talk about taking the back road up through Ojai.  Elaine said they were doing road repairs but it was a lovely ride.  We got directions to the lake and got on our way.

The pictures here are some I took while we were on the road and out at the lake.  Rob found some great fishing spots and we found areas where the girls and I could have some fun while he fishes.  It's hard to believe this beautiful scenery is just about 20 miles from home.  Out of the city into the country in a 15 minute drive.  We truly enjoyed ourselves and came home relaxed and refreshed.  It was so nice just to have some time to ourselves.  I don't think we realized how much we needed that.

The girls came home Monday afternoon.  We had a great time while they were gone, but we missed them terribly.  It was so quiet here!

I pray for you all regularly.  You are such wonderful friends.  May you be blessed in His presence today,


Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sunday Pleasantries


I was on my way to work on Thursday and decided to stop in a new pet shop nearby.  The store was well stocked with food, toys . . . everything the pet lover would need.  I met up with an Umbrella Cockatoo named Thelma.  She was wonderful.  I also met a lovely and talkative African Grey Parrot.  Meandering through the store, I saw what we needed for the bunny and picked it up and a toy that I just knew Button would like. 

I stepped into the bird room where I saw ring-necked doves like our own Scooter (Rob has been wanting more) and a beautiful bird in the corner said to me, "hello - I love Patrick O'Reilly"  I was fascinated by him.  His colors were so bright and he seemed to be interested in what I was doing.  I put my fingers up to the cage and he nibbled (not bit) on them.  I was falling in love.  I paid for my items and called Rob.  He said to go ahead and get him, so after work, I went back.

His name is Rembrandt or Remy.  He loves to have company and talks constantly.  He was best friend to a woman who became unable to care for him.  The pet store took him on consignment for her.  When Remy was out of the cage, he came to me and climbed to my shoulder.  I carried him up front to pay for him.  The owner brought out a pet carrier to take him home in, boxed up the doves and reached for Remy.  He wouldn't go to her!  She was surprised, but said that I must be his person now.  I carefully took him from my shoulder to the carrier.  He talked all the way home.

This beautiful little guy is a Salvadoran Black-Capped Lory.  He is not a seed eater, rather eats fruit nectar.  He's kind of messy, but I already love him.  He's a great buddy to have.  He even says, "C'mon, give the birdie a kiss".

I'm still looking for the little Sunday conure, but feel content now with our array of pets.  Button has bonded to my husband, goes to the girls and Remy is definitely my bird.

We are taking a well-earned day off today.  All three girls are off with Uncle Eddie until tomorrow.  We are going to be selfish and get a little private time together.  We really need it.  I'm already enjoying it.

Have a blessed day, my friends.  Please keep Lisa Jo in your prayers.

In Him,


Saturday, June 17, 2006

Can you believe this??!!

This pretty magenta phone was my mother's day present.  I took pictures and saved them to it, saved all my phone numbers and some cool sounds as well.

Yesterday as I left work in 100 degree heat, my husband was telling me that our house was no cooler.  We decided I should pick up a couple more fans and the room air conditioner that was on sale at Rite Aid.  Some very nice ladies from the store helped me put them in my car and I went over to Von's to pick up some cold cuts and popsicles.

While in Von's, I tried to call Rob to ask him if he wanted or needed anything special and I couldn't get a connection through my Bluetooth headset.  I pressed the button and said his name several times, but got no response.  I checked my pockets then my purse and could not see the phone.  I knew it wasn't in the car, so I figured I must have set it down at the check-out when I was taking money out of my pocket to pay for the items. 

I quickly checked out at Von's and went next door to Rite Aid to ask for my phone.  The lady at the checkout said they had already given it to the man. 

"Did my husband come in for it?" I asked, wondering how he would know.  The gal looked at me, I guess she figured out that the guy couldn't have been my husband, and called the girl that gave him the phone.  She walked it out to him because his baby was sleeping in the car.

"Didn't you ask him to identify himself?  Show identification?  Call the phone?"  I was nearly in tears.  I just got that phone in May and the stuff in it had sentimental value.  The manager came up, said it was her fault.  I just kept saying I couldn't believe they would just give an expensive cell to someone who called in!  I called Robert and asked him to keep calling my cell.  I tried the cell as well. They urged me to call the cell company, but they put me on hold and I had popsicles in my car.  I drove home.

At home, I called the cell company.  The gal I talked to had a beautiful southern accent (maybe Alabama?) and was as helpful as she could be considering the situation.  I had to order a new phone.  These little babies are pretty, but not cheap.  Phone lady stopped my cell service and told me that I was not liable for any calls after around 5:30 that day.  At least I wouldn't be paying for calls to China.  After hanging up and talking to Rob for a minute, I called Rite Aid again to tell the manager what had happened.  She felt badly about the expense and told me she would talk with her boss on Monday and see if they couldn't help a bit with our expense.  I'm not going to bank on that, but it would be nice.

A while later, I got a call on Rob's cell.  It was from my phone!  The man on the other end asked me if I knew whose phone he was calling from.  I said, "MINE."  He went on to explain that his sister had left her phone at Rite Aid or some other store and he was doing her a favor to pick it up.  He just (right!) realized he had the wrong phone.  He offered to meet me somewhere to give it back to me.  I got a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach.  I told him to take it back to the store where he picked it up.  He said it wouldn't be until Saturday afternoon.  I said that was all right, I would be working.  He said again that he could meet me someplace.  I told him no, that it was fine to leave it at the store. 

He never took the phone to the store.  I didn't think he would.  Apparently he was in the store around the same time that I was.  The store manager and I suspect he saw me set it down and called a little later to say he had left his phone in the store.  I also believe he was too eager to meet someplace.  I didn't want him to see me or the car.  The store was a safe place. 

Can you believe that most stores have no  policy regarding the return of a cell phone left or lost in their store?  No identification, no verification of cell number or description of what's on the screen  is required.  The manager at Rite Aid says they will be changing their policy effective immediately.  That's just one store.  Sad, isn't it?

I urge you all to ask your local store managers about their policy for cell phones left in the store.  Ask them to be sure to ask for verification that the receiver is really the owner.  I am going to be doing that as well. 

I know that the phone is a material possession and the most important to me is my spiritual walk with the Lord.  Still, we humans tend to place a high value on our sentiments.  You know - our "stuff".  I guess I am going to have to spend a little time re-evaluating my priorities in prayer with the Lord.  I was so upset about the theft of my phone that I was grouchy and hateful to those I love the most.  Hopefully they will forgive me.

I pray that you all sleep well with the heavenly host guarding your homes and lives.  Have a pleasant Father's Day tomorrow.

In His love, joy and service,   Penny

Thursday, June 15, 2006

This is Button

I just couldn't stand the house without a noisy bird!  On Sunday afternoon, I called the breeder and she told me she had a Patagonian Conure and might have a Sunday Conure as well.

I drove up to Ojai to her home.  When we went in, she had us wash our hands with antiseptic soap before we came into the bird area.  Lupe found a cat and made friends with him.  She hates birds.  We met a pretty bossy African Grey Parrot and then she introduced us to this bird.  He is waaay larger than our little conures.  The are about 6 8" from head to tail and this guy is about 18" from head to tail. 

He's never had his wings clipped.  He flies around the house and lands on our heads.  He screeches when we leave him out of things.  I fell asleep with him on my head and he . . . pooped in my hair!  Yuck! 

He likes the kids as well.  He seems to be bonding to Robert most of all.  When Rob tells him to go back to the cage, he does it!  He doesn't mind as well for me. . .so I guess Rob is his Alpha Bird.

In about 3 weeks, the little Sunday Conure will be ready for us to take home.  He/she is the type of baby my precious little birds would have had if they had lived.  I have already thought up a name for him, but I won't tell until he comes home.

These beautiful birds won't replace my Dufus, but will go a long way in filling the hole in my heart that she and her mate have left. 

We are so blessed to be able to have these wonderful pets in our home.  We have so much.  We have 3 lovely girls to keep us young, a nice big greyhound, a dove, a pigeon, a Patagonian (or mini-macaw), a cotton tail bunny and best of all, the love of the Lord to fill us up and keep us safe.

Be blessed in the Lord today,


Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Well, we put an ad in the paper last Friday to give the dog to anyone who would like.  We had tons of calls, all day long.  I wanted him out of our lives.  He wasn't a bad dog, but considering what had happened, I couldn't look at him without resentment. 

A young couple showed up Friday evening looking for a companion for their dog.  This one seemed perfect.  Dog, collar and leash got into their car and headed some 30 miles away to become their new pet. I was happy to see him go.

A few hours later, the gal called back, said he was piddling all over their house and they couldn't handle that.  Could they bring him back in the morning?  Reluctantly I said yes.  We expected them at the crack of dawn, but they didn't show up.  I thought perhaps they had changed their minds.  Alas, it wasn't so.

As I was on my way to work, I received her call.  He had escaped from her yard and despite 3 hours of looking, they could not find him.  She said she would call if he showed up.  She never called back.

Well, doggone.  I hope he steps into the life of a family that will love him.  I don't want him here.

Tomorrow is the last day of school for the girls.  They are looking forward to it.  I wish we had year-round school.  Summer is a boring time for kids.  The first few days are great, but after that . . . well you know.  I think we will have them in Tae Kwon Do alot.

I'll be getting back to your journals now.  And I have some more news to share in my next entry.

Love, Hugs and Blessings to you all,


Thursday, June 8, 2006



Okay, it's been a few days and I'm still a bit sad.  It's getting better, but my best little buddy is gone.  I don't hear him in the morning or squawking like crazy when he sees my car.  I keep calling him "he" even though we found out he was a "she"   My friend Debbie came over and we cried together.  She loved Dufus too.  Rob buried them for me, but I haven't had the heart to go out to see where.  The dog is leaving.  I know it's not his fault, but I want to have birds and he just won't work out.  The girls agree, if not wholeheartedly.  Our greyhound never even looks at the birds. 

I want to thank all of you for your wonderful comments and support.  I feel so loved by you.  J-Land has had its ups and downs, but it is a wonderful community.  I have been "living" here for nearly two years and I never get tired of reading your words, sharing your hopes, dreams and devastations.  I feel like I know you personally.  I see your faces when I pray for you.  Guys, I guess what I'm saying is this:   I LOVE YOU!


Tuesday, June 6, 2006


I just don't feel like writing right now, but wanted to make an entry to let you know what's happened.

Yesterday afternoon, one of the girls left the screen door open and the new dog got in and killed my precious conures.  I can't believe how much this hurts.  Dufus and I have been so bonded together and I feel like a piece of me is missing.

I'm really depressed right now at the loss of my two babies.  I want to read your journals and will, but not today.  Maybe not tomorrow.

Blessings, Penny

Monday, June 5, 2006

End of the world?

I got this from Betty who got it from her friend Fran


Some people are expecting the end of the world tomorrow -- since it will be June 6, 2006. (6.6.6)

I think this is just plain silly -- but it does bring up something that isn't acted on enough in our busy lives... IF tomorrow were the last day of the world:

1) What do you want to be remembered for? 

If it's the end of the world, no one will remember me.  If it's just that Jesus comes, most of the people left won't even know who I was.

2) What would you wish you would have done?

My best for Jesus.

Be blessed today.  Tomorrow is but an empty promise.


Thursday, June 1, 2006



Take the first letters of your first name
(if you are feeling daring, do your last name as well) and, using these letters, let us know who you are using verbs, adjectives and nouns, etc.  What is the essence of you?   No rules to this one.   Let's have fun and get to know one another!  Put your submission in the comments section or do it as an entry in your journal and come back and leave the URL to your entry so I can post it.  I will be posting these in a few days.  Don't forget to leave your URLs for easy posting!  Thanks, and have fun!!

       Powerful through Christ 

   Every bit a mom

   Never late to supper

   Not too old to be smart





   Rob's best girl

   Easy-going (to a point)

   Zeal for my Lord

Did you learn anything new about me?   I am in love, loved and loved by Jesus.  What about you Give it a go!

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Hope everyone is having a nice day!  Take care all! xox